Our Mission

About CFFE

Citizens for Fair Elections is an organization committed to putting an end to gerrymandering and restoring fairness to elections in Indiana. For too long, Indiana’s elections have been under the control of the majority party in the state. We think it’s time we reform the system and stop political parties from controlling the process. After all, voters should choose their representatives, not the other way around.

Our goals and priorities are as follows:

1. Fund legal strategies to put an end to gerrymandering in Indiana. Just recently, there has been increasingly successful litigation against gerrymandering in other states. We want to help bring similar cases to Indiana and finally get meaningful redistricting reform.

2. Educate Hoosiers about why gerrymandering is a destructive force in our democracy and mobilize our supporters to help us make real change in the Statehouse.

3. Support state legislative candidates that support redistricting reform against those that do not. If our elected officials refuse to change the system for the better, we will help elect those that will do the right thing.

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