Announcing Citizens for Fair Elections

Announcing Citizens for Fair Elections

No system in our democracy is more rigged than the effort by elected representatives to pick their voters rather than voters picking their representatives. There’s something profoundly broken in our democracy when the majority of voters can’t be heard at the ballot box. 

That’s why we’ve started Citizens for Fair Elections. CFFE is a grassroots organization built to educate, activate, and mobilize voters all across Indiana to stand up and say we’ve had enough.

For too long, Indiana’s elections have been under the control of the majority party’s leadership. They draw the district lines, essentially choosing their own voters, which in turn leaves our districts safer and safer for incumbents and less competitive every year. We think it’s time we reform the system and stop political parties from controlling the process.

Will you become a Founding Member of Citizens for Fair Elections today? Chip in $5 today to become a Founding Member. 

Just today, the United States Supreme Court decided to take up the most important gerrymandering case in years. The case comes out of Wisconsin, another state plagued with unfair political boundaries controlled by party elites. We want Indiana to bring its own case, as well.

Stay tuned for some important announcements in the coming days as we share our mission, the steps we are taking to end gerrymandering, and how you can help. 

Money and lawyers are important pieces of the puzzle here, but they alone won’t be enough. We need to build a grassroots team to push for this change at every level of our state government. We must organize ourselves and our friends and neighbors to take back our democracy.

Let’s end gerrymandering together and bring fairness back to our elections. 

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